"Own Your Difference"

Welcome to the Linda Vargas Mentorship Program

Linda Vargas is an experienced leader, mentor, lecturer, pioneer in multiculturalism, author, and flamenco dancer examiner and teacher. She enjoys a creative approach to problem solving and strategy development and has a proven track record in leading organisations, teams, and projects. With extensive experience in multicultural relations and interpersonal communication she helps people using a variety of methods and approaches. 

"OWN YOUR DIFFERENCE" is a common theme found in her work and as a mentor, she weaves her diverse experience together in creative ways. Her self-development programs help people to become more self-aware and empowered, while her intercultural programs, based on social cohesion, inclusion, diversity, equality, gender, communication, aim to help people find peace in multicultural spaces.

Her clients include corporate leaders, teachers, young professionals and parents.

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Buy the book "Did You Pack Your Bag" 

“This revelation of a book—part memoir, part guide—has been an indispensable catalyst and companion for my journey of letting go. I am a different person because of it.”– Dr. Daniela Franca Joffe

“This book captivated my imagination through Vargas’s willingness to communicate hermeanings and processes within a narrative of how she unpacked and repacked her own mental baggage while becoming herself. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those, young and older, seeking to live as loving and productive a life as possible.”– Dr. Jack Whitehead

"So take the time to enjoy this honest and unpretentious book that shares Linda's journey on travelling light in life, and learn some tools that will assist you in travelling light in life." - Ashton (Dance Teacher)

Program Details

 “The Joy of Traveling Light”

10 mentor programs based on some of the principles found in my book.
DID YOU PACK YOUR BAG?  a checklist for mental baggage.

While mentoring I discovered that people really needed help applying the principles found in my book to their own life situation.
So, I decided to devise the “Discover the joy of travelling light” mentor programs to help clients to apply these principles to their personal challenges.